Page five of “Everyone Should Have Equal Rights to Vintage Big Tits Babes.” collected in Little Annie Fanny volume 1.
Little Annie Fanny: Ralphie! We’re saved! Sugar Daddy Bigbucks did it again! He’s always resucuing me in the nick of time and coming to people’s assistance and like that. How do you do it, Daddy?
Sugardaddy Bigbucks: You’ve got to have heart, Annie. I’m willing to help anybody who wants my help… regardless of race, creed or color.
Little Annie Fanny: Of course those muslmen have kind of extreme views, but they were willing to rescue that poor man in the water.
Sugardaddy Bigbucks: Extremists are a good investment, my child. I like to encourage them. There’s not much money in this adventure, but I look on it as an investment in the future that can grow to staggering proportions! And what have I gambled? Some obsolete equipment! A few surplus uniforms!
Marvin X: The Black Muslmens must be obedient and resolute! We must have neat, clean uniforms! We must have rifles! And we must build a super race! Let the liquidations begin!!!
Sugardaddy Bigbucks: Unfortunately the uniforms still have the original swastikas, but they can be changed to x’s without much trouble.
LCdr Quinton McHale (Ernest Borgnine): Hey! Where are you going, boy?
Martin Luther King Jr.: I think I’ll take my chances with the sharks.